Looking for work that impacts millions of lives?

Full-stack Engineer

Backend Engineer - Python

AI/ML Engineer

Digital Marketer

Our doors are always open for founders who have moved on

We understand that most of the founders are generalists and we won't evaluate you for a specialist position.

We love who keep pushing against the slope, so lets talk if we can build Inkredo together.

Culture at Inkredo

  • Remote Work: We have a remote working culture, meaning our employees can work wherever they want around the world as long as the job gets done.
  • Flexible working hours: We empower our team with personal autonomy on team projects. We have an unlimited vacation policy and flexible working hours. That means you have to be self-directed and self-motivated to succeed.
  • Stock Options: We're all working towards the same goal, so it's only fair that everyone is invested in the success of their work

If that seems awesome and if you like the idea of building values with us -- Build trust, Question assumptions, and Validate direction -- you'll fit right in.

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